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I am an interior designer of environments, small business owner, design project manager and creative female leader who balances right and left brained thinking to create beautifully branded spaces that are intentionally positioned to target the end-user, whomever that audience is. I believe wholeheartedly that the most minute details will make or break a project and that storytelling within any space should be the starting point for all design conversations.

Our design process is born from soaking up inspriation from existing architecture, museum installations, branded spaces, interiors, physical product, history and sculpted art. I thrive in a creative environment where the challenge of human interatctions within a space intersect with design implementation. The ability to bring spaces to life and see how people react within a residential, retail, workplace or commercial setting is exhilarating.

As a licensed industry professional with sixteen years of experiencce and a background in interior design, design project management and leadership, I would love to bring my ideas into a new team to create magic. With degrees in both Interior Design/Sustainable Practices and Interior Architecture/Sustainable Planning I strongly believe that having the ability to not only speak to but understand the process it takes from preliminary design conversations through handoff and completion is critical in ensuring handoffs align with strategic objectives, client expectations, within single-family projects or in a large-scale siloed organization.

#designforlifeSM​  #studiomacleod

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