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three-day transformation

Surprise! We've got you covered.

We're seeking local Oregon residents that need our design services! If you have a room that can use our Studio MacLeod touch, then send us an email with some information and we can make magic happen! Our Three-Day Transformation is a perfect mix of the services we offer.  After we collect your inspiration, we'll combine your style and our vision to transform the room of your choice.  You'll leave your home for 72 hours as we install and reveal a completely revitalized space!


What we offer: Our design services free of charge, hugely discounted pricing on all furniture, rugs, accessories, lighting, etc. used for transformation.  Terms and conditions below to determine if you're a good candidate!

  • Must live within 40 miles of Portland, OR

  • No presentations, mood boards or revisions

  • All decisions to be made by Studio MacLeod

  • No existing furniture and accessories to be incorporated unless stated by SM

To get started, tell us a little bit about your project here!

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